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Best Activities to check out while on 30A!

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Our top 5 picks for things to do while on vacation...

There are so many things to enjoy while vacationing here on 30A: the natural beauty, the restaurants, and of course all the fun beach activities. We’re often asked by travelers who are new to 30A, what are the best things to do on vacation at 30A? What is out here that we just can’t miss? We’ve put together a list of our current top 5 favorite activities for you. Check out the most popular things to do and see below! We hope they inspire you to plan your next Florida beach vacation!

#1: A Bonfire on The Beach

There’s nothing like a roaring bonfire and a few drinks with friends. It’s a fine way to wrap up a beautiful day of vacationing and party with your favorite people. A number of businesses will completely take care of the bonfire setup and cleanup for you. They can also bring chairs, tables, etc., saving you a lot of time and trouble. Of course, if you prefer, you can also set up the bonfire yourself. You’ll need to pay for and obtain a permit from the South Walton Fire District. Just be sure to follow the regulations they lay out, and be safe!

#2: Rent electric bikes and go for a ride!

Want to check out the beauty of the beach and feel the wind in your hair? There’s nothing like zooming along 30A on an electric bike from YOLO Bikes . Travelers can rent bikes ahead of their arrival or during their stay and have them delivered right to the house! They’re also just a great way to get around 30A, since they don’t require a hunt for a parking spot and are more environmentally friendly than cars. Give them a try when you want to go exploring the area!

#3: Snorkeling off Grayton Beach!

Grayton Beach is a divers paradise, protected by the state and full of unspoiled nature. There are beautiful diving areas there, brimming with reefs and clean blue gulf waters. You’ll enjoy breathtaking encounters with wildlife, such as tropical fish, sea turtles, and manta rays. We definitely suggest booking a guided tour ahead of your trip. They’ll help you choose the best location for your dive session, provide all the equipment you'll need, and keep you safe as you explore. Other local dive spots are located in Inlet Beach if you want to explore other areas along 30A!

#4: Paddleboard one of our Coastal Dune Lakes!

Our coastal dune lakes are a point of admiration for locals and visitors alike. They’re a unique geographical feature only found in a few parts of the world and you just have to explore them. Renting a paddleboard from our friends at Yolo Bikes and Boards is a great place to start. Rentals are available at Gulf Place as well as in Grayton Beach at Hotz Coffee, inside of Chiringo restaurant. You’ll be able to cross the calm, clean waters and check out all the Sunrises and Sunsets your heart can handle.

#5: Check out the local art galleries!

We love celebrating the many local artists who capture the beauty of the area here on 30A. There are a host of galleries across 30A that are a must see when your looking for the best way to take in the area. We think this is a great way to unwind from an active day of fun in the sun and maybe even take home a little peice of the beach to help you commemorate your visit. Our experiences page includes a list of our favorite galleries if you’d like a recommendation, but it’s tough to go wrong checking out any of them!

We hope you're inspired to get out and explore all that 30A has to offer!

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