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SeaGrove  Beach

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About SeaGrove  Beach

Seagrove Beach is a charming town nestled along the picturesque coastline of the Florida Panhandle's renowned Highway 30A. This hidden gem has long been a favorite destination for those seeking a more peaceful and less commercialized beach experience.

What makes Seagrove Beach so unique is its undeniable sense of authenticity. From the quiet streets lined with tall palm trees and the iconic beach cottages that harken back to simpler times, to the warm and welcoming locals who make visitors feel like family, Seagrove Beach offers an unparalleled sense of place.

The town's beautiful beach is certainly one of its greatest draws, with its crystal-clear emerald waters, sugar-white sands, and endless opportunities for fun and relaxation. However, it's the community spirit and laid-back vibe that really sets Seagrove Beach apart. Whether you're grabbing lunch at the popular Seagrove Market or strolling the trails at the nearby Grayton Beach State Park, there's always a friendly face and a warm greeting waiting for you.

Another unique aspect of Seagrove Beach is its commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness. The town boasts an extensive network of bike trails and walkways, allowing visitors to easily explore the area's natural beauty while minimizing their environmental impact. Local restaurants and businesses prioritize sustainable practices, using locally sourced ingredients and eco-friendly products wherever possible.

Overall, Seagrove Beach is a place where time seems to slow down and worries fade away. It's a community built on the principles of hospitality, authenticity, and conservation, and it's no wonder why so many visitors return year after year.

Beach Access

  • Montigo Beach Access - Deeded Access for Blue Sky Cottage and other homes on Montigo Ave.

        3468 E Scenic Hwy 30A, Santa Rosa Beach, FL 32459

        Offers Parking, Beach Conditions Flag, ADA Accessible         

        Restrooms, ADA  Accessible Boardwalk, Water Fountain,

        Beach Wheelchairs Available 



Seagrove is casual, coastal and full of local flavor.  Stroll through most eateries in t shirt and flip flops and be sure to sip on a cool, refreshing beverage along the way!  You'll love getting from one end of Seagrove to the other by E Bike and getting to taste along the way. Begin the morning with a gulf front breakfast at Bud and Alleys...get there early to beat the rush and grab a mimosa from the historic Modica Market to go and head to the beach.  For a light lunch, you'll want to stop off at the Crepe Du Soleil food truck in Seaside for something light and delicious.  Sit by the beach and soak in the sun before heading back in for a five star dinner at Surfing Deer...Locals tip *they take reservations which is rare on 30A.  Be sure to dine outside and take in the sounds of the beach waves at night. The clothesline bacon and banana pudding cheesecake are an experience!  What a way to spend the day. You'll love any number of these restaurants in Seagrove Beach.


Click on images below for menu and location details!

Prema Organic Cafe

Crepes Du Soleil


Bud and Alleys



The Shops of Seagrove truly offer something for the whole family. Stroll through the new stores at Greenway Station for Beach Gear, Art, Home decor and be sure to visit the most enchanting Garden Shop with treasures around every turn.   


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